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What is Sandwich Mesh Fabric?


Sandwich Mesh Fabric is a fabric material commonly used to make components for shoes, sportswear, backpacks, seat cushions and other products. The fabric's name "Sandwich" comes from its structure, which usually consists of two outer layers of fabric sandwiching a middle mesh layer.

Features of Sandwich Mesh Fabric include:

Breathability: Thanks to the mesh layer in the middle, this fabric is very breathable, promoting air circulation and reducing discomfort to the wearer.

Lightweight: Due to the lightweight materials used, the fabric itself is very lightweight and suitable for use in manufacturing lightweight products.

Comfort: Breathability and lightness allow Sandwich Mesh Fabric to provide high wearing comfort when manufacturing sports shoes, outdoor shoes, sportswear and other products.

Strength: Although weak in appearance, Sandwich Mesh Fabric generally excels in abrasion resistance and durability and can withstand some use and friction.

Variety: This fabric can be used in different types of products, with different colors, textures and fabric combinations available as needed.

In summary, Sandwich Mesh Fabric is a versatile fabric known for its breathability, lightness, and comfort, and is often used to manufacture products requiring these properties.

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