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The Benefits of Sandwich Mesh


Sandwich is a kind of synthetic fiber, which is mainly used for car covers, sportswear, bags, etc. It is firm and durable. The surface is mesh like (with large circular mesh holes), and there is a layer of dense mesh underneath, which prevents the surface mesh from deforming too much and enhances the fabric's fastness and color.

The mesh effect makes the car cover more modern and sporty! The middle of the fabric is compounded with a thin sponge, making the fabric fuller, more elastic, and comfortable to sit on; The bottom layer of the fabric is compounded with non-woven fabric, which has a water locking function. Therefore, even if liquid is poured onto the car cover, it can maintain a long period of time without directly penetrating the surface of the seat. It has a very practical protective function for original seats made of cotton and linen fabrics! Good air permeability is another highlight of sandwiches, so sportswear and other similar fabrics are often used. The seat cover is made of this fabric, which helps to create a refreshing sensation on the waist and legs during prolonged driving.

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