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Advantages and Applications of Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh


Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh is a three-layer structure of high-strength fabric, consisting of two layers of mesh and a foam sandwich in the middle. Its advantages and application scenarios are as follows:

Advantages: 1. High strength and durability: Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh is composed of high-strength mesh cloth and foam plastic interlayer, which can withstand a large amount of weight and pressure while also having a long service life. 2. Good ventilation: Due to the gap between the mesh cloth and the interlayer, Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh has better ventilation, which can allow air to circulate and maintain a refreshing and dry feeling. 3. Light and flexible: Despite its high strength and durability, Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh is also very light and flexible, making it easy to carry and operate.

Application scenarios: 1. Outdoor sports: Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh is often used as outdoor sports equipment, such as backpacks, tents, hiking shoes and camping chairs, etc. 2. Car seats: Due to its high strength and good ventilation, Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh is also often used in car seat covering materials, seat cushions, headrests and other components. 3. Medical care and nursing: Heavy Weight Sandwich Mesh’s breathability and softness also make it an ideal choice for medical care supplies, such as bandages, rehabilitation supplies, and pads.